Will your business survive a Privacy breach ?

A privacy breach will have an impact on your business. It’s a given.

The degree of the impact is in your hands.

The handling of the breach will have a lasting impact on customer trust.

To the point, it can destroy your brand. However, if handled well, it can possibly restore and even enhance your brand’s reputation.

Having a well-prepared Data Breach Notification (DBN) plan will go a long way to minimising the damage of a breach when it occurs.

A few key tips to developing and sustaining a DBN Plan :

  • develop the plan with Privacy experts (leverage what’s already out there) and with your key staff (leverage internal knowledge and gain buy-in)
  • conduct on-going reviews of the plan (at least annually or when significant changes take place internally or externally)
  • conduct regular training of all staff who handled personal information and include in Staff Induction program
  • conduct a mock drill at least every 2 years.

A well-prepared DBN plan delivers to your business :

  • a structured process during stressful times of a breach
    documented findings and outcomes
  • better understanding of the situation for management to make an informed decision
  • documented recommendations to upgrade policies and practices to minimise likelihood of a re-occurrence of the breach
  • documented evidence of the assessment being conducted