Privacy Proactive provides tailored and cost-effective solutions to enable you to meet and maintain your privacy obligations.

We understand every business is unique. The type of information you collect is dramatically different to another business in another industry.

Similarly, the actions you require to effectively protect that personal information would differ greatly depending on where it is held, who has access, and what protection devices have been implemented to secure the data.

We partner with you to ‘Build’ and ‘Sustain’ your Privacy needs.

We want to be on this journey with you.

Listed below is an overview of the solutions we offer.
This is not an exhaustive list, and we are more than happy to talk about any other assistance you might require.

Fees vary according to your business size and your Privacy needs.

  • We learn about your business and identify your Privacy needs.
  • We develop recommendations, so you implement the appropriate Privacy practices.
  • We continue an on-going partnership with your business to sustain your Privacy obligations.
  • It’s vital to keep the momentum going and be current with your obligations.
  • We prepare your business to handle a data breach when it occurs.
  • It is not the full scope of the ‘Build and Sustain’ solution but a way of dipping your toe into the water to have a structured process in place during a very stressful time.
  • We provide Privacy training covering topics like Privacy Overview and Data Breach Response Plan.
  • Client specific training can also be arranged.