Privacy Compliance Checklist

Use this checklist as an indicator only….it is not a comprehensive list of requirements to meet Privacy compliance.

1. Do you have a freely available (eg: website) and current Privacy Policy ?

2. Do you conduct regular reviews of Privacy policies and practices ?

3. Is privacy integrated into your training and induction processes for staff ?

4. Are 3rd parties, who you share personal information with, compliant with the Privacy Act ?

5. Does your staff follow the guidance or a process in place for handling sensitive information ?

6. Do you have a Data Breach Notification Plan ?

7. Does your staff know what an Eligible Data Breach is, actions required if it occurs and the potential consequences if not addressed correctly ?

8. Are there IT security processes and controls in place to protect personal information ?

9. Are there Office security and processes in place to protect personal information ?

10. Do you have processes to ensure personal information is de-identified or destroyed once it is no longer in use ?

How did you go ?

Not 100% sure if your business is compliant with the current Privacy regulations.
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