Privacy Breaches – human errors will occur – be proactive and minimise

I’ve sent information to the wrong person and more than likely many people reading this would have a similar experience. We are after all human !!

As business owners (not matter what size), we can minimise the likelihood of human errors occurring


Your business needs to at least :

  1. Review your Privacy policies and procedures. Upgrade as needed. Ensure your staff are following them.
  2. Implement an on-going Education and Awareness program for new and existing staff. Your staff must understand their responsibilities when handling personal information.
  3. Review your IT Security and Office Security controls. Upgrade as needed. Look for opportunities where technology can minimise your staff causing a breach.
  4. Implement a Data Breach Notification Plan to minimise damage when a breach occurs. Your staff must understand their responsibilities when a breach occurs.

A robust and sustainable Privacy Program will go a long way to achieving the above and more.

Implementing a Privacy Program can give comfort and build trust of your clients and employees.

If you would like to know more about implementing a cost-effective and tailored Privacy Program, please contact me at Privacy Proactive.