Manage clients and employees information how you expect your information to be managed.

We all expect businesses to manage and protect our personal information. In our eyes, they are trusted custodians.


When the shoe is on the other foot…

your clients have exactly the same expectations of your business.


While we strive to provide our clients with the best services and/or products, and our employees with the best working environment, there’s more… as trusted custodians of their information we must protect and manage it as best as we can. It will not guarantee a breach from happening but it’s critical to make every effort to minimise the likelihood.

Not all businesses need to legally comply with a Privacy regulation. However, every business has a moral obligation to protect their clients and employees information.

When a breach occurs, never venture down the rocky path of using the ‘excuse’ of having no legal obligation. It will not end well. As a client, how would you feel if a business said that to you ? I certainly know my response and it’s not pretty.

How are we doing as trusted custodians ?

When you see the recent surveys results of Australian SMBs, it doesn’t look real flash. It’s a major concern so many businesses are so vulnerable.

  • 51% admit their policies and practices are inadequate to manage a breach
  • 67% are uncomfortable with their 3rd parties handling their information
  • 47% are not aware of their obligations under the Notifiable Data Breach scheme introduced in February 2018
  • 49% do not have a data breach response plan
  • ……..

There are SMBs making every effort but disturbingly, there are more that are not.

In 2018, 60% of all cyber attacks targeted small businesses (up from 43% in 2017).


            Is your business at risk ?

Will your business survive a breach ?


Protecting personal information of clients and employees should be one of the highest priorities of your business.


So why isn’t this a priority for many business owners ?

I’ve heard comments along the lines of :

  • “I’ve got a small business, hackers would not be interested in me” (Guess what, in 2018, 60% of cyber-attacks in Australia are targeting SMBs and on the rise)
  • “I haven’t got the resources and skills” (but you outsource other services, why not protecting your clients and employees)
  • “I’ll worry about it if it happens” (it’s a matter of when not if)
  • “I don’t have to comply with any regulations” (but you have a moral obligation)
  • “I haven’t needed it before, why now ?” (Privacy regulations and community expectations are rising rapidly. Faster than you may realise.)
  • ……

When drilling down further, in many cases the underlying reason is the ‘unknown’. Not knowing where and how to start.


The unknown is not an excuse.

           Clients won’t buy it.


Businesses must step up by being proactive and prepare for a breach. Breaches will occur. Businesses need to minimise the likelihood of a breach and minimise the damage.

Privacy Proactive will help you work through the unknown starting with a free no-obligation consultation. By understanding your business, your obligations, and your risk threshold, we can then talk about the various approaches available to you.

We offer very flexible and tailored approaches to enable your business to build up and sustain your privacy policies and practices at the pace that suits you and your business.

Yes, it does take some time and money. However, the benefits far outweigh the costs and risks to your business.

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