“No, I’ve sent information to the wrong person.”

Does this sound familiar?

We are after all human !!

1/2 of Privacy breaches in Australia (since Feb 2018) are due to human error.

The most common human errors are :

  • sending personal information to the wrong recipient via email or mail
  • unintended release or publication of personal information
  • email phishing

As a business owner (no matter what size), you can minimise the likelihood of human errors occurring by:

Training your people, so they understand their responsibilities :

  1. when handling personal information of clients, employees, etc, and
  2. when a breach occurs

At Privacy Proactive, we deliver standard and customized training for your business.

Privacy Overview (1 hour)$300 {+GST)
Data Breach Response Process (1 hour)$300 (+GST)
Client specificNegotiable
Pricing based on face-to-face at client’s premises. For locations outside Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle, travel costs need to be discussed. Remote training (via Skype, etc) is available.