“I might need it one day”

Too many times when working with clients, I hear this.

The more information we collect and store, the more risk we have.

Gone are the days of ‘nice to have’.
          It must be ‘need to have’.

All businesses must have well-defined and understood practices in place for the collection and storage of personal information.

Why ?

Clients are losing trust and confidence in businesses to protect their information. They are becoming more reluctant to share it.

Not only do clients expect great products and services, they want their information managed and protected in the best possible way.

The flip side is as business owners, we need clients information to run our day-to-day operations plus to deliver more personalised services enabling growth.

Is this an opportunity for a competitive advantage ?  It should be !!!

Build trust, build your business…..


How ?

Whether collecting or storing information…ask yourself, does my business really need it ?

Is it required by regulations ? Is it needed to provide products and/or services to your clients, employees ?

If not, then why have it ?

At Privacy Proactive, we can take you through the process to minimse the amount of personal information collected and stored.