Healthcare Sector – Data breaches – reality, costs and prevention

Attached is a ‘must read’ article for all business owners in the Healthcare sector.

A few key points :

  • There has been a significant increase in health information being stored and transmitted with the uptake of technologies
  • Healthcare sector is the number one sector for data breaches.
  • Internal factors (eg: employee carelessness and misbehavior) is the number one cause of breaches within the sector. Why ? Increase in the uptake of technologies, weak internal controls, and lack of cybersecurity awareness.
  • High stakes are involved – business, financial, social and reputational repercussions

A good reminder to be proactive and prepare as best as possible to :

  • minimise the likelihood of a breach (ie: implement robust and sustainable Privacy practices, staff training, review current practices and systems, regular reviews of data storage process, etc), and
  • minimise the damage of a breach when it occurs (eg: Data Breach Response plan).

Enjoy the read….