Cost-effective and tailored approach enabling businesses achieve your Privacy needs.

Free Consultation

Start with talking about your Privacy needs and how we can help you.

Current State Analysis

Privacy Risk Assessment



We will assess your current policies and practices, conduct a risk assessment, and make recommendations based on your Privacy obligations. 

We conduct staff training covering Privacy obligations, best practices and the Data Breach Response process.

Data Breach Response

We work with you during this phase to tailor a structured plan to meet your business needs.

Continue an on-going partnership with businesses to sustain their Privacy level.

Data Breach Response

  • Partner during a Data Breach
  • Upgrade plan when Regulatory changes occur
  • Review plan annually
  • Annual training

Quarterly Reviews

  • Follow-up on your ‘Build’ progress

Annual Review

  • Verify Regulatory needs
  • Conduct Current State Analysis
  • Identify Recommendations

On-going Support

  • Access to a consultant for advice
  • Access to Privacy Proactive Training materials
  • Keep ‘Build’ documents current

Knowledge Sharing

  • Quarterly Newsletter / Blogs
  • Latest Privacy News
  • Breaches and key learnings
  • Best Practices in Privacy and Security