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“I might need it one day”

Too many times when working with clients, I hear this. The more information we collect and store, the more risk we have. Gone are the days of ‘nice to have’.           It must be ‘need to have’.   All businesses must have well-defined and understood practices in place for the collection and storage of personal […]

Why is Healthcare the most vulnerable sector ?

Since the introduction of the Mandatory Notifiable Data Breach scheme in February 2018, the Healthcare sector has reported the most data breaches to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioners (OAIC).   Considering the sensitivity of our health information, this should be a major concern for any of us.   Let’s look at why the […]

Do you have a handle on your businesses personal information ?

Businesses must be diligent in maintaining their role as trusted custodians of their client’s information. This should be one of the highest priorities within your business. By building trust and confidence with one of your most valuable assets, clients, it will deliver a competitive advantage that every business must grab hold of. So, where do […]

Minimise data > minimise risk > build trust

Whether your business needs to comply with Privacy regulations or not, you have Privacy risk. The more personal information collected and stored, the higher the risk to your business. If data is not required by regulations, not required to provide products and/or services to your clients, employees, etc – then ask yourself, does my business […]

A Privacy breach hits right at the heart of your clients’ trust

It has a detrimental impact on your business and can result in business closure. Without client trust in your business (your brand), you not only lose sales, you gain negative brand advocates that can turn potential clients away from your business as well. (Bad news travels fast, more so these days with social media)! Client […]

How do you protect your business’s greatest asset – your clients’ information?

Your business mindset best be ‘when’ not ‘if’ a privacy breach will occur! Our working environments have become more digital, mobile and with higher risks that expose our daily business operations. Not all businesses conduct business online however they are all still at risk. Small to Medium businesses are often a prime target for online […]