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Does Commonwealth Bank’s massive data loss put you at risk?

AFTER it emerged that Commonwealth Bank lost customer statements linked to 20 million accounts, the institution has spent the night assuring people they are not at risk. The bank has admitted it lost financial statements spanning 15 years in 2016, after the story was uncovered by Buzzfeed News. But the bank says the lost data did not include customers’ passwords […]

Svitzer employee details stolen in data breach affecting almost half of its Australian employees

The shipping company Svitzer has suffered a significant data breach affecting almost half its Australian employees. It is among the first incidents to be disclosed under Australia’s new notifiable data breaches scheme. For almost 11 months, emails from three Australian employee email accounts were secretly auto-forwarded outside the company. The perpetrator has not yet been […]

Human error (not hackers) behind most data breaches in Australia

In just six weeks, there were 63 data breach notifications to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner since the mandatory Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme came into force in February this year. The OAIC’s first NDB report, published on Wednesday, also included 114 earlier breaches from the 2016-17 financial year that were voluntarily provided. The OAIC’s acting […]

OAIC sees 63 data breach notifications in first six weeks

Majority the result of “human error”. Australian organisations reported 63 data breaches in the first six weeks of mandatory notification rules coming into effect, with human error listed as the most common cause. By contrast, when organisations only had to voluntarily reveal breaches, they only self-reported 114 instances for the entire 2016–17 financial year. The […]

Data breaches: If a company has lost your personal info, they now have to tell you

ber, Ashley Madison, Equifax: these brands are known for ride hailing, infidelity and credit scores respectively, but also for the exposure of customer information. As of today, many businesses that operate in Australia are subject to the country’s new notifiable data breaches scheme. Lose a hard drive? Give an unauthorised person patient files? In certain circumstances, […]